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Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

There used to be (and perhaps still is) a rather unusual sign along one of the back roads up-island. It looked like an official traffic sign, but read “Be Prepared for the Unexpected”. It was attached to a large fallen tree. And beneath the tree trunk was what remained of a car.

While we hope that our gardens remain free of plummeting giant trees and wayward autos, “Be Prepared for the Unexpected” is excellent advice for the gardener. Mother nature has always been capable of the occasional surprising tantrum, and now the effects of global climate change seem to make our weather weirder with each passing year.

If you’d like to learn how you can prepare for the unexpected and achieve a year-round harvest in an unusually cold, hot, wet, dry, windy (or all of the above) year, come hear Linda Gilkeson speak on “Resilient Food Gardens for a Changing Coastal Climate” at this year’s Seedy Saturday, February 18th, 10:15 am in the Victoria Conference Centre.

Linda will be covering how to design a weather-adaptable food garden, how to choose resilient varieties of fruits and vegetables, and how to protect your plants during extreme weather. Repelling pick-up trucks and falling trees remains your problem.

Photo: Flower hit by the unexpected
Credit: ©D. Gascoyne, 2012

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