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Get Sex Advice at Seedy Saturday!

15 Feb Posted by in Seedy Saturday, Speakers | Comments
Get Sex Advice at Seedy Saturday!

Don’t get too excited – we only give sex advice for plants.  And the best tip we’ve got is to make sure that your garden is filled with pollinators. With that in mind, we’ve got two speakers lined up to talk about bringing the birds and the bees (and other pollinators) into your garden.

At 2pm, Robin Haglund’s talk, Potent Plantings to Tempt Primo Pollinators, reveals how to develop a gorgeous garden with year-round-interest plants that pollinators simply can’t resist. And planting for pollinators is something every gardener can do, even those with only a window box or a few pots on balcony.

For those in the advanced class, who are thinking about setting up their own beehive, we have beekeeper Catherine Culley speaking at 11:30 on the question To Bee or Not To Bee. Find out what’s involved in keeping honeybees, and whether they are the right choice for you.

With expert advice from our speakers, you can make sure your plants have a rollicking good time. Just remember to buy a pair of earplugs for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Grupka from Slovenia via Wikimedia


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