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More than Seedy

More than Seedy

The heart of Seedy Saturday is (surprise, surprise) made of seeds. But there’s room for plants too – after all, what’s a plant but a seed that managed to grow up?

You may be thinking that mid-February is an unusual time of year to adopt a few new garden residents, even in balmy Victoria. But each year our exhibitors arrive with an amazing variety of plants suitable for taking home and planting out right away.

They bring lots of the late winter and early spring bloomers that are already putting on a show outside – cool-weather fans such as the hellebores, witch hazels, and cyclamens. Exhibitors also have a good supply of dormant fruit trees, roses, and shrubs – and February is the perfect planting time for these. They may look like nothing more than a bunch of bare sticks in a pot at the moment, but pop them in the ground, and, with luck and care, they’ll soon be green and flourishing.

So remember, there’s lots more for the garden at Seedy Saturday than seeds: tools, perennials, trees, shrubs… “Shrubby Saturday”, anyone?

Image: Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger)
Credit: 3268zauber via Wikimedia Commons


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