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Seedy Saturday: Cheaper than a Cauliflower

24 Jan Posted by in Seedy Saturday | Comments
Seedy Saturday: Cheaper than a Cauliflower

You have noticed, probably, that the price of vegetables – especially ones imported from the US – has been going up by leaps and bounds. (The gasps of amazement and small whimpering sounds from shoppers in the fruit and vegetable department may have provided a clue.) A head of cauliflower has hit $8 in some places.

Seedy Saturday, we would like to point out, only costs $7. For that, you can stay all day, take your pick of 16 talks, and learn how to save yourself some money by growing more of your own food. You can also pick up locally grown seeds and plants, organic soil amendments, and second-hand gardening books for guidance.

So come join us on February 20, and get ready to grow. Please note: despite their newfound value, we do not accept cauliflowers as legal tender. You will have to bring old-fashioned Canadian cash to get in.

Photo by Janice Hayward, Photojournalist

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